Polioptics Press

Polioptics-related Writing by Josh King

· 2001: Washington Post: “A Walk on the West Wing”
· 2003: Brill’s Content: “Everyone Into The Pool”
· 2008: Men’s Vogue: “Rules of the Road”
· 2013: POLITICO Magazine: “Dukakis and the Tank”

Media Coverage of Polioptics and Polioptics Events

· Politics Daily: ‘Polioptics’ or How to Make a Leader Look Good
· The GW Hatchet: Political master reveals secrets of ‘polioptics’
· Politico: King shielded Obama
· WRGW News: Joshua King and “Polioptics: Packaged Political Persuasion”
· Mass Media Musings: WhiteHouse.Gov – A Polioptic Analysis
· BWOG: LectureHop: Politicians and Newfangled Media
· Swarthmore College: Swarthmore College Podcast
· HARDBALL with Chris Matthews (11/18/2013): Conversation with Josh King and Matt Bennett
· THE PRESS POOL with Julie Mason (11/18/2013): Conversation with Josh King

Stagecraft Takes Center Stage: Polioptics Permeates Political Discourse

10/13/2009 — Nina’s Mass Media Blog
10/31/2009 — Wait, how many jobs were created?
11/15/2009 — The Ethics of Polioptics
11/17/2009 — Polioptics and The Florida Senate Race
11/19/2009 — My Official Final Research Paper Topic
12/14/2009 — Francesca’s  Blog